Cook Your Thai Recipes at Home

Thailand is famous for its beautiful locations and for hospitality. But there is another thing for which Thailand is famous that is Thai food. There are various Thai recipes that are world famous such as Thai green curry, Thai red curry, Thai fishcakes, pad Thai recipes and San choy bow recipes. You can cook these recipes at home similarly as cooked in Thai kitchen. For this you can purchase Thai cookbook from market and try these recipes at home. The main reason to love Thai food is the unique taste of these Thai food.

To cook the authentic Thai recipes first of all you have proper knowledge of taste of Thai dishes. You can not cook your own Thai dishes until you don’t know how it is supposed to be tasted. For this you have to taste the authentic Thai food in a restaurant before trying to cook in home. The way these dishes are prepared and the flavor that is put in these Thai dishes are amazing. Also you should find out the Thai recipes that are very true to the culture such as Thai curry recipes and try to cook these recipes at home. Some of the Thai recipes are discussed below.

Thai Green Curry & Thai Red Curry:- Thai green curry and Thai red curry are the world famous and main Thai dish of Thailand. To cook authentic Thai curry recipes at home the main component you needed is curry paste. To make curry paste ingredients required are fresh coriander seeds, coriander roots, cumin, peppercorns, lemongrass, zest of lime, garlic, green chillies, black paper, piece of galangal, peeled and chopped them, shallots and shrimp. Grinned these ingredients and then make a thick paste. Take a small amount of this paste and fry it in a frying pan. Add some coconut milk and chicken in it. Cook the chicken until it turn from red to golden brown. After this heated it upto few minutes so that all flavor mixed well. Same process is for red curry the only difference in both of that red curry is made up of lots of red chilli sauces. Garnish with peanuts, Thai basil leaves and serve with noodles and rice. Thai Fishcakes:- It is the most flavored and delicious food of Thailand. These cakes are mostly eaten with rice. The ingredients needed to cook Thai fishcakes at home white-fleshed fish fillets, kaffir lime leaves, snipped into thin strips, coconut milk, fish sauce, shrimp paste, chili powder, ground cumin, ground coriander, brown sugar, green onions, sliced thumb-size piece galangal, ginger, cloves garlic, red chili, dried crushed chili, cucumber oil. Make small pieces of fish. Add coconut milk, fish sauce, shrimp paste, chili powder, cumin, ground coriander, and brown sugar, mix well and pour over the fish. Add remaining ingredients to make a thick paste. Pat this paste on fish cakes. Put these cakes about 10-15 min. in freezer. Heat the oil in the frying pan and put freezed cakes in the oil and fried until its color changes into golden brown. Garnish cakes with sliced cucumber, Thai chilli sauce, fresh coriander and with lime juice. Served with rice.

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You can cook Thai Recipes at home if you have proper idea about the taste of Thai food such as Thai Green Curry, Thai red curry, pad Thai recipe etc. Since there are other Thai food that you can easily try such as Thai Fishcakes

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